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JCDecaux 2017 Winners

The 1st place

First Place

Client: Olam Hakolnoa

Creative: AVRAHAM Advertise Agancy

The 1st place winning Poster is  "Need a new printer?" for the client "Olam Hakolnoa" who won a 100 faces campaign for 10 days. 

The winning  creative team, Yaeli Shochat (Copywriter) and Or Adani (Art director) from AVRAHAM advertising agency who won a hosting package to Cannes lion's festival.

The 2nd place

The 2nd place

Tlv Client: TIv taam

Advertise Agancy: McCANN

Creative Team:
Copywriter: Dotan Pelsen
Artdirector: Yaniv Zaguri
Advertise agancy: Mccann- Tlv
Client: TIv taam

 The 3rd place

Creative Team:
Copywriter: Oren Ben Naim
Artdirector: Meytal Miller
Advertise agancy: Leo Burnett
Client: Arkia

The 3rd place

Advertise Agancy: Leo Burnett

Client: Arkia


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JCDecaux 2016 Winners

1st Place

  • Client - Prigat
  • Creative - Bumann Ber Rivnay

2nd Place

  • Client - Altman
  • Creative - Mench

3rd Place

  • Client - Migdal
  • Creative - Bruckner Yaar Levi


JCDecaux 2015 Winners


1st Place

  • Client - Studio C
  • Creative - Yeoshua TBWA

2nd Place

  • Client - Ikea
  • Creative - McCANN

3rd Place

  • Client - Home Center
  • Creative - Adler Chomski

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