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Innovative and Creative Solutions

As a company that Innovation is its core, we give a breeding ground for creative advertising around the world. We are encouraging agencies and clients to be creative and find the best creative solutions to integrate in JCDecaux Street furniture. There are many creative ways you can highlight your advertisement whether with a big touch screen on an ad case, full wrap or painted furniture.
Innovate for Escada - Tel Aviv
Innovate solutions don't have to be high-tech, the challenge is to make the audience interact with the ad in a creative way.

Full Wrap Furniture

This solution is one of the best ways to highlight your brand in a large format in the middle of the city. Full wrap of several bus shelters combined with a regular poster campaign simultaneously boosts your impact and your brand awareness.  Choose the location with the maximum exposure to your target!
Full Wrap Bus Shelter

Full Wrap Columns


Digital Solutions

Our street furniture are installed at a reachable height. It allows you to be creative and add special digital interaction with the advertising. There are various solutions for innovative digital ideas.  We help you to find the best one!

Digital screen
Digital screen can be installed inside the adcase at the poster's place and can display your advertising video. 
Launching two products?  Want to know people opinions? An Opinator gives the users, both, nice and fun interactions with the ad as well as real time results.


A perfect solution to introduce a new product or show new fashion designs such as shirts, shoes,  watches, perfume and more.


Special Build 

Special Build allows you to change the furniture's design. You can add extra parts to the Bus Shelter, Column or ITDS. Thanks to its originality, the special build catches the crowd eyes and increases your advertising message's impact.



Bus Shelter's adcase can be adjusted to be a lighted transparent aquarium filled with liquid. This innovate solution is ideal for beverages, perfumes or any other liquid products. The advertising poster can be posted around the Aquarium.


Light Effects

All JCDecaux's street furniture are illuminated during the night. There are many creative possibilities to play with this feature. 

Double sided printing


Mist Machine
Mist Machine allows you to install a special machine that sprays water through a small puncture and allows you to use it according to your advertising campaign. This machine is a great solution for Israel hot summer days, summer events campaigns and more.

Scent diffuser

Scent diffuser allows the advertiser to spread a scent around the bus shelter according to the campaign. The scent can be a generic scent of perfumes, different kinds of food or a unique or branded scent.

Dizengof street - Tel Aviv
Lenticular Printing
Lenticular Printing allows to print and install multiple visuals on the same poster. Each visual will be seen from a different angle. This solution can suit for comparison campaigns.
Lenticular campaign - JCDecaux Spain
Anar Foundation "Only for Children"- JCDecaux Spain
Samples Dispenser
This installation enables to distribute samples to the passers-by implying a call to action.  It can dispense posters, perfume samples, food, beverages ... An original way to introduce a new product to the public.
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