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WORKING TOGETHER. Benefit all in the cities.

While doing so, JCDecaux maintains a high standard of services, cleaning and maintenance on a regular basis, and according to Municipality’s requests. I would like to emphasize our satisfaction with the services provided by JCDecaux, any municipality that would decide to work with them will enjoy a high standard of furniture and services. Ido Shamir, CEOTel Aviv - Jaffa Economic Development Authority

SMART SERVICES. Your needs, our solutions.


JCDecaux innovation is more and more oriented to Digital in order to offer to its partners more flexibility and interactions. Digital is allowing to deliver the right information at the right time in order to reach the right people, in the right place.


JCDecaux is offering the possibility to install defibrillators facilities in cities. They are the interface with a first aid directed phone line, in order to assist people in case of emergencies. Health is a major concern, and we are helping citizens to act in situations of heart emergency.


We are giving cities the opportunity to interact with their inhabitants through digital screens located in the cities. They can host different applications like plans, transport schedules, tourism information, weather, city events…to help people to find information. 

Automatic public TOILETS

JCDecaux is providing innovative automatic public toilets guarantying a clean and safe place for our nomad urban lifestyle. Through these installations, we are combining daily services to citizens and cleanliness of the city of Tel Aviv.


JCDecaux provides to municipalities rental bikes network, its operation and maintenance. City bikes self-service facilities are new way to enjoy transports in cities. Citizens pick up a bike from wherever they want, ride as much as they need, and pick it back to where they arrive. 


JCDecaux is adapting its bus shelters (BS) to cities requirements according to different topics: connectivity, environmental sustainability, mobility…and many more, it depends the needs. 

Free Public Wifi 

We offer to cities the possibility to be more connected and communicate easily with their citizens through wifi portals. We can install on any urban furniture some wifi hotspots and provide free wifi in public areas. One of our famous covered area is the Champs Elysees in France.
Free Wifi on Champs Elysées - Paris - France

Small Cells

Small cells are low-powered mobile radio stations, of a size of a shoe box, interacting with macro antennas.
Installed on bus shelters, or city information panels, this neutral and aesthetic solution improves drastically the 5G network coverage and network capacity in the covered area.
Vodafone Small Cell - Netherlands
Tsur Koren Local Authorities Relations