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  • Bus shelters Over 2200 faces in Gush Dan

  • ITDS Over 800 faces in Gush Dan

Bus Shelters

JCDecaux's Bus Shelters were designed to serve the citizens and be a unique advertising platform at once, without interfering the city environment. Our 1000 Bus Shelters, installed in Gush Dan, have over 2200 advertising panels and offer a high repetition of the advertising message through the cities.


 ITDS (Illuminated Traffic Direction Signs)

Until now, JCDecaux has installed about 800 ITDS signs in the cities of Tel Aviv and Ramat Gan. The ITDS's adcase measures 2mand is placed at a 4 meters height above the road. In this way, it ensures to your advertisement a full exposure to both, cars drivers and pedestrians. The ITDS signs, located on traffic islands combined to Bus Shelters signs, on the roads sides, maximize your campaign repetition rate and thus its impact.

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