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Column's esthetic design attracts the eye. Our columns are installed in strategic areas with high traffic. They can complete very efficiently an ITDS & Bus Shelters campaign as well as being used in a campaign of columns exclusively.
Column in Tel Aviv

Column counts three faces: one is a city map and two are dedicated to your advertisement.



Mupi in Ramat Gan

Mupi counts two faces: one is a city map and the other is dedicated to your advertisement. Mupis are mainly located in the main streets of Ramat Gan and thus reach the maximum exposure in these areas.

 Premium Locations

Rabin square - Tel Aviv

Premium Locations

Choose the best location according to your marketing goals

Rambam square - Ramat Gan
Rothschild Blvd - Tel Aviv
Alenby Street - Tel Aviv
Sarona market
HaBursa area

Use Creative Solutions

Use creative solutions for columns in order to strengthen your campaign's impact and awareness.
Rothschild Blvd - Tel Aviv
Dizengof street - Tel Aviv
Madrid - Spain
Panevėžys - Lithuania

Our Offer

Columns and Mupis are installed in premium locations around the city. You can choose the specific locations which suit the best your advertising message.


200 Faces

In Gush Dan


100 faces

In Gush Dan


Short or Long Term campaigns

Long term campaigns are perfect to promote a new business or direct customers to the business. Choose the perfect period from 3 month and up to 1 year or more. Get your special offer now!

Get your offer now!

We offer Short term campaigns of minimum 10 days period. Combine Mupis and columns to your campaigns to receive a larger impact. Contact our National Team.
  Get your special offer now!